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Veritas Caspian LLP
Today Veritas Caspian LLP is registered as a foreign venture (50/50) between CGG Holding B.V. and CGG Services (UK) Limited. The company was formed on the conclusion of an exclusive agreement with the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The official name for the contract was the "Agreement to Conduct Geological Study by Non-Exclusive Geophysical Survey (3D method of common-depth-point) of unlicensed territories in Kazakhstan sector of Caspian Sea". The project was designed to build up a data library of seismic data that will provide a powerful presentation tool that can assist government bodies to attract investment within the respective oil and gas sectors of the country.

Data Library acquisition commenced in April 2006, to date completing over 8000Kms of 2D long offset data over the unlicensed blocks in the NE Caspian and Middle Caspian sectors of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

This is a highly cost effective and, when applied to a well coordinated block acreage licensing regime, it is enormously attractive to the oil and gas industry throughout the world.